Custom Bottle Presenters

Let your guest own the night, whether it’s with a VIP bottle presenter, an LED bottle presenter, or a champagne bottle presenter. Illuminated, lightweight, easy to carry LED bottle presenters are a particularly popular option because of their ability to spotlight a liquor bottle, the epitome of the bottle service experience. Use bottle service trays and shot trays to further enhance the nightclub ambiance.

We offer full customization for our bottle presenters that include metal, acrylic, and illuminated options. All custom bottle presenters can be made in any color or size, with almost any imprint or graphic of your choice. Our customization options include:

  • Solid, flashing, or strobe lights
  • LED lights
  • One time or multi-use
  • Waterproofand powder coated features
  • Imprint method of your choice
  • AC adaptors or re-chargeablebatteries
  • Accommodation for almost any and all bottle sizes

Bottle ServicePresentation Ideas:

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